With online purchases at a distance, the return right is unconditionally valid for two weeks after receive. At delivery you will find a return ticket which can be filled in with the package at our address or can be delivered to DHL. In an estimated one week after receiving the returned product, you have returned a new product or the purchase price. If a product that has been picked up is not satisfactory afterwards. Then only exchange or a voucher will be possible in two weeks after purchase. This as long as the product has not been used! If a product that is ordered with down payment despite correct delivery according to guarantee provision is not satisfactory, then only exchange or a voucher will be possible for the amount of the deposit. Guarantee means that the product is delivered exactly as ordered and that this product can be used properly and without defect for a minimum of one year. Damage / lack of a product while the product has been used properly will be repaired. If necessary, the product will be replaced. If you specifically request and receive the lowest price, this will be an outlet price with standard shipping option and no possibility of exchange, returns or guarantee.​

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