Please use youre browser translator if necesarry to understand this page. You can click on the right side on youre mousepad and will see the translate option. Our Customer services can help you translate to. On this page you will find the general terms and conditions. In these general conditions we indicate under which reservation we make our services available.

With online purchases at a distance, the return right is unconditionally valid for two weeks. At delivery you will find a return ticket which can be filled in with the package at our address or can be delivered to DHL. In an estimated one week after receiving the returned product, you have returned a new product or the purchase price
. If a product that has been picked up is not satisfy afterwards. Then only exchange or a voucher will be possible in two weeks after purchase. This as long as the product has not been used! If a product that is ordered with down payment despite correct delivery according to guarantee provision is not satisfactory, then only exchange or a voucher will be possible for the amount of the deposit. Guarantee means that the product is delivered exactly as ordered and that this product can be used properly and without defect for a minimum of one year. Damage / lack of a product while the product has been used properly will be repaired. If necessary, the product will be replaced. If you specifically request and receive the lowest price, this will be an outlet price with standard shipping option and no possibility of exchange, returns or guarantee.​

We present the products on this website for inspiration, many other brands and models available on request! The products can not be ordered from this website. See for how to order our FAQ. We check the products we deliver for authenticity by comparing material description, product description and appearance in detail with what is offered in the store collections. In spite of this, the original origin is unknown to us through purchasing at online auctions and we do not supply a document of origin as standard. Take notice and accept this if you use our services. In doing so, we point out to every customer who makes use of our services on the applicable laws and regulations in there own country. If you are a minor or according to the law not authorized to make an informed decision
 then you only can use our services with the permission of your legal guardian. Please notice that we will reject all liability in advance based on the general conditions described.​

We reserve the right to change information on and / or the offer of products and / or conditions from the current general terms and conditions without prior notice. We also accept no liability for any information contained on websites that are referred to by hyperlinks.


1) Guarantee Privacy: Ensuring the privacy of visitors is an important task for us. You can make private purchases. We use your specified name and address to process your order and will never disclose your details or use them for purposes other than the purchase.

2) Permission: By using the information and services, you agree to our privacy policy and the conditions that we have included herein.

3) Questions: If you want to receive more information, or have questions, we kindly refer you to customer service, the contact details can be found at the bottom of every page.

4) Use of cookies: Places cookies with visitors. We do this to gather information about the pages users visit on our website, to keep track of how often visitors come back and to see which pages are doing well on the website. We also keep track of what information the browser shares.

5) Disable cookies: You can choose to disable cookies. You do this by using the capabilities of your browser. You can find more information about these options on the website of the provider of your browser.


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