Our prices include shipping costs, customs clearance service, tax and return / exchange option. Unfortunately, we can not display all products and our competitive prices online. Please contact our customer service for prices, orders or special requests. Clothing, shoes, bags, watches & accessories, you ask, we deliver. Our customer service is accessible via web chat and if absent whatsapp +31626291364

If it can be demonstrated with proper proof that the same product is offered cheaper elsewhere under the same condition, the lowest price will be guaranteed. For quality check and customer reviews see our instagram or visit us for an item from stock.

For products to be picked up without delivery time for customers in Holland please check: (LADIES) (MEN)
Other products can also be picked up in the Netherlands but have estimated a delivery time of 5/7 days. Because of our online concept with pick-up option there is no shop or fitting room available. Orders that we send directly to the customer must be paid in full in advance. Products ordered for pickup must be paid in advance to prevent (ghost)orders and associated costs. You can pay according to your own preference and in your own environment, both insured with paypal purchase protection as in cash or by bank.

We supply all ladies and men's sizes including many unisex products. Our customer service checks with every order and any doubt about the size: length / weight / foot size in centimeters. This means that the size fits more than 99% of all our deliveries. Children's sizes and larger sizes than the standards go on request.

Warranty means that the product has been delivered exactly as shown on the photo and that this product can be used correctly and without defects for one year. Damage or lack of a product while the product is used correctly will be repaired. If necessary, the product is replaced.

With online purchases at a distance, the return right is valid for two weeks. To evaluation one week of good receipt of the returned product has received a new product from the purchase price. Contact customer service for the return address of the specific product.

Two weeks full right to return with money-back guarantee for distance selling. No money-back guarantee for all products that are or will be picked up. For those products only change or a coupon possible.

Both we and our suppliers control by comparing the material description and product description in detail with what is offered in the store collections. However, by purchasing online at legitimate auctions in combination with the lack of documentation, the origin of products is not known by default. Keep this in mind when using our services.

If you are not legally authorized to make an informed decision, you can only use our services with the permission of your legal guardian. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact our customer service per WhatsApp. We make every effort to ensure that any problems are resolved. Complaints from or by third parties are not taken into consideration.

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